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Project Profile:
Matrox Monarch HD Selected as Streaming and Recording Appliance for Global Underground Music Site
Matrox Monarch HD is the video streaming and recording appliance for the first live underground music site of its kind, DMO Live (Don't Miss Out), a new platform that records and live streams international music parties, exclusive artist interviews and festivals direct to the DMO website. Created for the electronic music lover, DMO (, will soon connect venues in different worldwide locations through one live event by streaming the night's main happening on large screens in club locations around the world. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
Blackmagic Cinema Camera and 686 Technical Apparel
686 Technical Apparel has always been about providing innovative, fashionable outerwear and technical apparel inspired from the same Los Angeles street culture and mountain lifestyle that it was founded on. When cinematographer Ian Post was hired to shoot cinematography for the brand, he knew his gear needed to be as reliable, durable and resilient, as well as able to withstand the elements, as the outerwear he was shooting. Not only does Ian's camera have to work in such harsh conditions, but it also has to deliver stunning footage that captures the snowy landscape as well as highlights the star of the shoots, 686 outerwear. ...Read More »
Business Issues:
Adobe MAX 2014
This week was the kickoff of Adobe MAX 2014, which seems to be the most concentrated convergence of Adobe creative users from around the world. In this series of articles I'll just present some notes from the convention and my experience as an attendee, a user, a community leader, and a professional user of their software and services. In this installment, I'll give a few words about the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. I may be the wrong candidate, or the perfect candidate to write about this, because I am a Apple/Mac fan, but I'm going to write this piece, and a few to follow on the Surface Pro. ...Read More »
Business Issues:
Content Insider #360 - No Good Deed
Ask anyone and they'll tell you they want to do the right thing ... and they mean it. Problem is there are temptations facing them every time they turn around. Unsecure notebooks, tablets, smartphones. Stuff you've put out there about yourself in every social media nook, cranny you can find. Personal data, pictures, video content that any sub-teen can access without even thinking too hard. Business, government files that she/he left open because well it's easier than having to remember the multiple passwords he/she needs. Content, news, information they can get for free and product/service discounts they can receive simply by giving them a little information like name, date of birth, home/office location, phone know nothing important. You give a little, they give a little and is good! Then you find out they did what? ...Read More »
Beyoncé And Jay Z Play Outlaws On The Run In "Bang Bang, Part One" Short Film
Talk about starting off with a bang! Beyoncé and Jay Z have released the first video from "Bang Bang," a three-part short movie trilogy they created with director Dikayl Rimmasch. The trilogy was first shown during the couple's On the Run tour. The "Bang Bang" shoot took two days. Rimmasch says, "Just before we started shooting on the first day, I was introduced to Beyoncé and Jay Z in their trailer. They didn't really know what I was going to do, so I said, 'I'm going to shoot for five minutes. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
VYV Delivers Immersive Video Projections that Entertain Live Audiences Worldwide
What do Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, the Eagles, Shakira, and Cirque du Soleil have in common? All have amazed audiences with live shows incorporating dazzling, out-of-this-world video projections made possible by an elite 3D interactive video projection company based in Canada. Spectators stunned by the creativity, artistry, and impact of the projections can thank VYV and its Photon interactive media server, the most powerful real-time video control system available. Powered by high-end NVIDIA(r) Quadro(r) GPUs, Photon systems deliver the accuracy, reliability, and flexibility required for VYV's elaborate multi-projector productions. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Goes for a Thrill Ride
Katarsis Films is in the business of selling smiles. Based in Mexico City, the young, independent production company has been working for the past two years with one of the most well known Mexican theme parks, La Feria Chapultepec Mgico, to produce heart pounding advertisements that thrill its viewers. Katarsis founder, the charismatic Juan Carlos Elias, is as dynamic as the rides themselves, producing, directing, shooting and finishing the ads that Katarsis churns out on a regular basis. To assist him with achieving the right look for these ads, Juan Carlos uses the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Pocket Cinema Camera and DaVinci Resolve. ...Read More »
Featured News:
Mikros Image Standardizes Digital Post Workflows on ASSIMILATE's SCRATCH Software
ASSIMILATE announced that Mikros Image has purchased a company-wide site license for ASSIMILATE's SCRATCH finishing software and SCRATCH Lab, an advanced production and VFX dailies tool. Headquartered in Paris, France, and with subsidiaries in Belgium and Montreal, Mikros Image is a major player in the post-production market, offering high-end post services for films, commercials, TV episodes, corporate communications, and video games. Mikros Image also has a partnership with the LA post-production and visual effects company Eight VFX to develop a series of common projects for commercials and feature films. ...Read More »
Product Review:
Vectoraster by LostMinds
Vectorizer for the Mac (and iOS) allows you to create fantastic shape based translations of raster artwork or photography with just a few clicks. The great part about this new software is that it is really easy to use. Like any good design software, it?s full of options that will allow you to create unique pieces, even when you?re starting from presets. ...Read More »
IBC is kicking off in Amsterdam on September 11. And with it, starts the annual convention for European broadcasters and digital entertainment content creators. This September date comes on the heels of MAXON's release of R16, their newest version of CINEMA4D. If you're at IBC 2014, you can see R16 presented in person. ...Read More »
Book Review:
Quick Sketching with Ron Husband
The first thing you should know about this book is that Ron Husband is not only a great teacher but an amazing animator who has worked on several movies, including Beauty and the Beast, The Fox and the Hound, The Black Cauldron, The great Mouse Detective, The little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King and others you might share on your favorites list too. ...Read More »
Featured News:
Modbook: A 15.4" Macbook Pro
Way back in 2009, we had a 4 day hands on session with Modbook's (Axiotron) offering. Then, it was a 15" modbook. Granted, the Macbooks that were available then weren't nearly as powerful as the low end machines we have today. And, in 2009, the touch alternatives weren't great. Five years later, Modbook Inc. comes back with a brand new proposition: A Modbook from a Macbook Pro 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 monster with 32GB RAM and 2TB of storage. ...Read More »
Case Study:
Documentary Editors Rock 'Filmage' Post Production with AJA Io XT

"Filmage: The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALL" began as a passion project for a group of creatives working at Dallas-based post house CharlieUniformTango (CUT), and quickly evolved into a full-fledged documentary production. Within four years, the film's directors Deedle LaCour and Matt Riggle, along with editors Justin Wilson and James Rayburn, had traveled the world, combining a love for old-school punk music with filmmaking chops to deliver an indie flick that recounts the history and influence of punk rock legends the Descendents. The film features a compilation of present-day interviews with band members and industry influencers, fan video submissions and archived tour media. Editorial for the film required a portable and flexible workflow, for which Rayburn turned to AJA's Io XT Thunderbolt-enabled professional video device for on-the-go I/O. ...Read More »
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