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4K video to YouTube-Easy way to upload 4K video files to YouTube   • by AbbyCarrie on Adobe After Effects
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Featured News:
ASSIMILATE Congratulates Post Production Houses for their Sundance 2016 Nominations
At the Sundance Film Festival 2016 in Park City, Utah the roster includes filmmakers whose post-production companies used ASSIMILATE's SCRATCH post-production tools in their digital workflows. ASSIMILATE is extremely pleased to congratulate its customers for their creativity and artistry in the following films and documentaries in the following Sundance categories: Local Hero, Metropolis Post, and Storm Post Production. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
Perfecting Produce
There is nothing quite like the challenge of color correcting a food commercial. All of those beautiful food spots you see every day take a skilled hand and a huge amount of work to look that good. And Florida's Indie Atlantic are experts at it. Which is why the foodstore giant Publix used Indie Atlantic Films for its new "At Season's Peak" ad campaign. And to get the look that Publix wanted, Indie Atlantic used DaVinci Resolve. ...Read More »
iPi Soft Helps Mobile Content Developer AWE
History buffs who have wondered about witnessing great moments in time are one step closer thanks to Toronto-based mobile content developer AWE, that used iPi Motion Capture, the leading markerless motion capture solution developed by iPi Soft, to create a one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience ...Read More »
Project Profile:
No Deadline Too Close, No Grade Too Much: Atlanta's Bed Head Media and DaVinci Resolve
Phil Stevens and his colleagues at Bed Head Media are some of the hardest working media professionals in Atlanta. You have to be when you handle everything from commercial cinematography, short films, live event coverage, motion graphics, documentaries, corporate videography and a variety of church testimonial and website videos. Their work includes commercials for huge brands such as Home Depot and AutoZone, as well as award winning short films and documentaries. ...Read More »
Poser 11 & Poser Pro 11
Smith Micro's Poser Pro has been a powerful character 3D animation tool for both professionals and hobbyists. Its toolset is easy enough to get started with, yet deep enough to allow professionals to get the nuanced performances that they want for animation and illustration work. The creative enhancements and workflow tools make both Poser 11 and Poser Pro 11 a fantastic update to Smith Micro's accessible character animation software. ...Read More »
Drones and the Future of Filmmaking
America's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) first allowed film and television production companies to film footage with drones in 2014. Prior to the FAA providing this authorisation, American filmmakers had to travel to Europe, Canada, or elsewhere to fulfil their drone filming requirements. Since 2014, the FAA has approved the use of drones for more than 200 companies and individuals. The decision to allow drones to be used for filmmaking purposes in the Unites States is great news for the movie and television industry for a number of reasons. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
To Be Funny: 100 Years of Buster Keaton
Buster Keaton is a film legend. April 2017 marks 100 years since he first stepped onto the silver screen, His comedy and physical stunts still stun audiences, leaving them wondering just how in the world he did them. In the film "To Be Funny," New York based production company +Merge Creative Media delves into Buster Keaton's legacy and finds out why the film master still has a fanatical following in 2015. To do this, cinematographers Gavin Rosenberg and Chad Gardella have been relying on Blackmagic Design's Pocket Cinema Cameras for principal photography and have been grading the film in DaVinci Resolve Studio. ...Read More »
Case Study:
Unique Digital Signage Video Wall Strip Wraps Around Retail Store
Telecom company Sure International knew just who to call to add high-impact digital signage to its St. Helier, Jersey location. Seeking to modernise the store, Sure contracted integrators Image Technique, who, collaborating with design partner Acquire Digital, in turn delivered a high-quality digital signage installation powered in part by the six-output, single-slot Matrox C680 graphics card. Emphasizing customer interactivity, the installation as a whole has resonated positively with customers. ...Read More »
Red Giant Trapcode Suite of Tools
Trapcode's design and animation tools have been an indispensable part of the motion graphics and compositor's tool set for years now. Trapcode Suite offers updates to some of the tools that you may already have in your arsenal, and boasts a brand new plugin that brings opportunity to create new 3D visuals. ...Read More »
Case Study:
Drifting By
It is a very rare few who get to experience the peaceful beauty of gliding effortlessly over the landscape to see what a breathtaking countryside we live in, no matter where we live. John Ross not only enjoys filmmaking and ballooning, he's got a fantastic background - 20 years in the navy, 24 years as a college instructor, radio host and more. But now he wants to make ballooning (or at least the views from hot air balloons) available to the rest of us with a series of free-to-view films. ...Read More »
Case Study:
Reel Heroes
Some activities attract filmmakers because the information has to be told. Reel Heros highlights the work some of the best filmmakers and producers have done that needs to be saved and shown. The film represents 12 years of research for the producers and production team. ...Read More »
Featured News:
ASSIMILATE's SCRATCH 8.4 Sets the Pace for Advanced Real-time Features, Workflow, & Ecosystem at a Price Everyone Can Afford
ASSIMILATE today announced its new SCRATCH 8.4, the latest version of its advanced, real-time post-production tools and workflow. "Leading the industry in offering the latest advancements in digital cinema technology is the cornerstone of what we do. Assimilate is all about developing real-time tools and a workflow that DITs, post-production artists and all filmmakers need to be creative, productive, and competitive," said Jeff Edson, CEO at Assimilate. "With SCRATCH 8.4, users get an abundance of advanced features that enable them to excel at what they do, and at a price everyone can afford. And with a host of SCRATCH industry partners, they can build an extensive and integrated SCRATCH ecosystem that gives an even greater boost to their productivity." ...Read More »
The Cinema 4D R17 Lens Distortion Tool

Maxon introduced a number of new features in Cinema 4D R17 when it was released last year. While the Motion Tracker is a fantastic tool to track footage and composite 3D elements, often wide angle footage introduces perspective errors in the final rendered image. Unless the user knows what camera was used to capture the source footage, the focal length of the lens, and the field of view, correcting that footage, or adding the lens distortion to the 3D elements is a tricky and sometimes frustrating experience. ...Read More »
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Red Flight Pictures Capture Poetry in Motion with Blackmagic Design Cameras and DaVinci Resolve - Executive producer Kyle Thompson discusses translating poet Tyler Knott Gregson's work from written word to visual art
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