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Premiere Clip to CreativeCloud
Your mobile device is an awesome way to start working on a small visual project because you often have it with you all the time. The great part about PremiereClip is that you can shoot, edit, and upload right from your phone or tablet. The ability to edit, do some amount of post work, and quickly share it is the HEART of PremiereClip. However, if you have a CreativeCloud subscription, you can take the project that you just edited with your finger into a more substantial NLE. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
Defining The Art of Shaving with Blackmagic Design
For many men, shaving their facial hair is a necessary evil. If they are not careful, they risk nicks, cuts and irritation, and the process is tedious and sometimes downright uncomfortable. Although shaving can be a chore, it's a must for many, unless they want to look like a member of the Duck Dynasty family. One of the questions that employees receive most often is "What's the difference between a traditional and royal shave?" To help answer this question and help customers better understand its services, Director Christopher Califano recently shot a video that brought the shaving experience to life using the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF, Pocket Cinema Camera and DaVinci Resolve color corrector. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
'Bob and the Trees' Survives the Winter Thanks to Help from Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
Director Diego Ongaro knew he had his star when he first encountered Bob Tarasuk six years ago. "I was instantly attracted to his magnetic personality and captivating stories. Logging, his main line of work, became a fascination for me. I've often wondered about the history of the plank you buy at the lumberyard or the log you throw in the fireplace," explained Ongaro. "I'm captivated by the physical connection between the human body and the trees, the balance of power when it comes time to take a tree down and how small a man is compared to a giant oak. Yet, the paradox is that man usually wins." ...Read More »
NAB 2015 People
This past week was full of catching up on news from companies and people in broadcast from around the world. NABShow is the biggest convention for broadcast - from television to radio, and expanding into new internet markets - it?s the one stop place to shop for new tech and get information from the industry?s leaders. ...Read More »
Featured News:
AJA Launches #TryCION Camera Promotion at NAB 2015
AJA Video Systems today launched #TryCION, a new promotion seeding 100 CION cameras with qualified shooters. This new program, currently only available in North America, provides filmmakers, cinematographers and camera operators with easy access to CION to see and experience the camera first hand in production. ...Read More »
GPU Beast at NABShow
Now that we're looking at even more definition at this year's NAB, and 4K monitors already a standard, it's a good thing that NVIDIA is stepping up to raise the bar on what to expect from a video card. Not only are we using GPU to drive our monitors, but we're using GPU more and more to power our video graphics renders. Production and Post Production professionals will be looking at NVIDIA closely at next week's NABShow. Their new NVIDIA Quadro M6000 is professional graphics card in beast mode. ...Read More »
Ollo Clip Telephoto
Back to the well. It's like potato chips: so good, you can't stop. Olloclip telephoto for iPhone 6 will keep you shooting. What started out as one lens for our production (the 4:1) has turned into more. Shooting with your iPhone 6 is so much better with great optics. The telephoto lens from OlloClip isn't just a zoom, it?s a physical lens - which means a much better picture than digital zoom. ...Read More »
Rampant Design's 4KFree
Many companies gear up for NAB SHOW by offering free chotchkies or swag in the form of Tshirts, bottle openers, arm rests, or other items that production and post production teams use. Rampant has decided to launch their 4KFree initiative. Stock footage is something all editors can use. ...Read More »
Road to NAB 2015
This year, a small team and I will be trying something completely different. Rather than relying on the heavy duty gear that we've used in the past, our production is shifting to mobile. Completely mobile. That means iPhones and iPads. It means we can deliver quickly, but the smaller gear is also more difficult to control and protect. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
GOAL! Blackmagic Design Helps MLS Insider and Columbus Crew SC Connect with Supporters and Gain New Ones
A hush falls over the crowd as tension mounts. The referee places the ball just 12 yards away from the goalkeeper, who gingerly sways from side to side, keeping his body loose in anticipation of the split second reaction time he has to make a save. The opponent readies himself, not wanting to give away which section of the net he's aiming for as he gets into position behind the ball. Fans hold their breath as the referee blows the whistle, the kicker launches the ball and the goalie dives... ...Read More »
Project Profile:
Grading Martian Landscapes with DaVinci Resolve
Creating a cinematic opening scene for a video game is incredibly hard to do well. You have a couple of minutes to tell a dramatic story that will capture and bring the gamer into a new world, as well as set up the background story and emotions for the countless hours of gameplay about to happen. And for game makers, the opening cinematic has to separate you from the hundreds of other games out there. ...Read More »
Featured News:
ASSIMILATE launched SCRATCH Web, the first professional cloud-based multi-user collaboration and review tool that offers individual clip, timeline, or timeline+version sharing (SCRATCH CONstruct), and native support for industry-standard RAW camera formats. Now creative professionals in the digital cinema and broadcast industry - from producers, directors, DPs, and DITs, to editors, VFX and post artists - are able to publish RAW material in any format, in any resolution, at any time, from anywhere in the world. ...Read More »
Business Issues:
Content Insider # 390 - Video Uprising
NAB Was Abuzz with 4K Production and Delivery

At NAB it was obvious that the content galaxy is exploding with star wars battles everywhere on who will take control and win out every segment of the media & entertainment industry. It's traditional over cable, it's OTT, it's mobile, it's aerial, it's social media, it's Hollywood, it's indie filmmakers, it's kids in school, it's all of the above. Even Lucas or astrophysicist Stephen Hawkin couldn't imagine how the world would be taken over by video content. It will be interesting to see how the battles unfold as the universe expands. ...Read More »
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Business Issues:
Content Insider #385 - Cable's Saviors - The Cable Guy Has to Pay More Attention to the Boomer Plus Generation
Project Profile:
Grace Fellowship's A/V Grows from Humble Beginnings to the Future - With Blackmagic Design Studio Camera and ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K
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