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Project Profile:
Harvard Athletics Upgrades Video Production and Streaming
Harvard University, a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is well known throughout the world for its history, influence and prestige. And if Imry Halevi has anything to say about it, Harvard will also be known for its cutting edge athletic video production and streaming capabilities. He began by upgrading Harvard's outdated video infrastructure, and as part of the new system he installed several Blackmagic Design products, including a Compact Videohub router, six ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K switchers, a Micro Videohub router, six UltraStudio Mini Recorders, an ATEM Television Studio and more than 25 Mini Converters. ...Read More »
Business Issues:
Content Insider #344 - Engagement
Interesting how publicists have claimed social media as their domain to influence tons and tons of folks and to "shape" their company's image. Problem is folks didn't simply Like or retweet, they asked questions. They asked for assistance and they asked for advice. They checked other people's experience with the product and the company. All of a sudden it got outta hand because people were talking, comparing notes and even checking while they're in the store with their mobile device to make an informed much for simply following the company's marketing messages. It's a community...not marketing/communications tools. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
Ripple Creative Group Turns to NVIDIA Quadro and PNY
Communicating what's in the mind's eye of an architect or interior designer can be daunting, especially for large, unusual, or groundbreaking projects. Ripple Creative Group has built its business around visualizing building and real estate projects in such exquisite and accurate detail that anyone can see what the built project will actually look like. Their latest project, using one massive file for design and edits, not only let Ripple achieve the 100% paperless design/build process criteria for the ABC Green House virtual tour, it completely revamped the way they work, establishing a more efficient graphics pipeline that has become their new standard. ...Read More »
Business Issues:
Content Insider #343 - Diverse Talents
Finding the right talent today is probably the most difficult task management faces. But it sometimes amazes, sometimes bothers me that headhunters tend to look at less than half of the world population. Forget all of the other biases we all have...sometimes the best man for a job is a woman. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
'Pagan Holidays' Transforms from a Small, Independent Project to a True Feature Film
Clifton Holmes knows you have to be ready for anything. Just because one opportunity doesn't work out, it doesn't mean you can't leverage what you already have and turn it into an even greater one. It's all about being flexible. It's how he came to direct "Pagan Holidays," the first official project from Basic Elements, a Chicago based entertainment production company aimed at creating reasonably budgeted feature length productions, both narrative and documentary, which Clifton founded in 2012. ...Read More »
Case Study:
Hillsong Church Handles Congregation Growth with Blackmagic Design
Founded thirty years ago in Sydney, Australia by Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston, Hillsong Church has grown rapidly over the years. The church is now comprised of more than a dozen locations in eleven countries across the globe. In Australia alone, more than 30,000 people attend services weekly. The days of a single preacher speaking from a wooden pulpit with only his voice are gone. 30,000 people each weekend want to feel part of the sermons, services and church family. One of the best ways to build and serve the growing congregations is to establish an amazing broadcast and AV infrastructure in each campus. Hillsong's requirements include HD broadcasts, live video switching, recording to DVDs and conversion of formats to meet its needs. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
Time Travel, Ham Sandwiches and the Pocket Cinema Camera and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera
Ham sandwiches are pretty much the same no matter where you are. But the same is not true when thinking about when you are. In the 1970s, it was Wonder Bread and two slices of ham. Maybe a slice of that weird orange cheese. But today? Well, which of the 10 types of organically grown bread would you like with your smoked, pepper or free range ham? If you are one of the two time travelers in Kanen Flowers's new series "18:20," the search for the normalcy of a simple ham sandwich, one of the running plot points in the series, is just one of the many reminders that everything changes when time traveling. ...Read More »
Producing Televised Classical Concerts
Each of the All-Star Orchestra's eight one-hour programs, recorded over four days, was taped at New York's historic Grand Ballroom at the Manhattan Center where conductors including Leonard Bernstein, Pierre Boulez, Zubin Mehta, and Arturo Toscanini made their classical music recordings. Nineteen high-definition cameras were allowed to roam freely during the All-Star Orchestra's recordings, creating an unprecedented "up close and personal" experience. ...Read More »
Case Study:
Fast, Reliable Storage
In one of the still unforgiving areas of the country where people still ride the range and deal with the harsh realities of mother nature, we captured three days of video on a project which will ultimately be a documentary of the old west in modern times. ...Read More »
Take a multi-CAD environment survey
Jon Peddie Research is conducting a survey to better understand how people work in multi-CAD environments. We would like to know how you work with DWG files and the issues you may have encountered preserving data integrity. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
SXSW Premiere "Thank You a Lot" Tells a Story of Austin's Music Scene
Austin, TX may be known as the live music capital of the world, but it's also home to a thriving video production and film industry that promotes and champions local talent, with members sourcing expertise from within the tight knit community. Austin doesn't just keep it weird; it also keeps it local, which is exactly what Writer/Director Matt Muir and Producer Chris Ohlson did with their feature film "Thank You a Lot." Not only was the film shot in Austin, but Matt is also a graduate of the University of Texas along with the film's DP, Harrison Witt, who teaches courses in advanced cinematography and film production at the university. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
Rain or Shine, The University of Portland's Multimedia Team Gets the Shot with Blackmagic Design
Building a brand is important for any business regardless of the industry, and advertising and marketing campaigns are some of the main ways to do so. In addition to traditional methods, such as print ads and television commercials, today it's essential to leverage social media, especially when your target audience is one of the biggest consumers of the medium. The University of Portland was quick to realize this, and created its own in house multimedia team, in conjunction with its marketing department, which handles all television commercial, online video and social media marketing campaigns. Headed by photojournalist and videographer Jeff Kennel, what makes this team unique is that it produces high quality work just as good as many professional agencies and production companies, but at a fraction of the cost and twice the speed. ...Read More »
Business Issues:
Content Insider #346 - Finding Channels
When the Dust Settles OTT TV Could be Good for Everyone

Aereo couldn't convince folks it was an innocent TV antenna or simple OTT (over the top delivery service) so now they're going to put on the lipstick of the cable companies...yeah lotta love there! But NBD because there is plenty of stuff - good, bad, mediocre - streaming over the air and the new (gettin cheaper) 4K Smart TVs are ready for the streams. Don't wait till Black Friday the deals are out there now (and you're right they will be even better) so couch potato it and brag to all your friends, neighbors. It's real, it's really available, it's really good. ...Read More »
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