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Featured News:
AJA Announces Ship Date for the CION Production Camera
AJA Video Systems announced that the company has started accepting orders for the new CION production camera, with an anticipated initial ship date by the end of December. CION is both ergonomic and lightweight with unparalleled connectivity, and is capable of shooting at 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD resolutions direct to Apple ProRes or AJA Raw. For information on where to place orders, please visit for a list of AJA CION resellers. ...Read More »
ipiSoft & Machinima Expo
For the third year in a row, iPi Soft , developers of the advanced markerless motion capture software iPi Motion Capture, will serve as a key sponsor to Machinima Expo ,the world?s only virtual machinima film festival. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
Live 3D Streaming and Recording from Monarch HD
To expand his teachings to aspiring surgeons and gynecologists all over the world, Dr. Rajesh Modi, Director of the Akola Endoscopy Centre in Maharashtra, India, relies on the Matrox Monarch HD(tm) video streaming and recording appliance combined with the Matrox MC-100 SDI-to-HDMI mini converter to distribute 3D video and audio of his daily surgical procedures and to record them for the facility's record keeping and as future teaching material. Students can view live streams of his gynecologic and endoscopic procedures on and by using the mobile app "Dr. Modi." ...Read More »
NOTA Effectors
As a motion graphics artist - most of the time you're going to be moving the clones you generate with the CINEMA4D Cloner Object. NOTA Effector is going to make that much easier. NOTA Effector being a standard Module can be used with all Mograph tools as PolyFX, Fracture, Cloner and similar. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
Los Angeles Movie Awards Best Narrative Short Film Stays 'Committed'
It's no secret that Hollywood is a tough nut to crack, and every aspiring actress dreams of her big break. But what many don't realize is that there is a rather straightforward way to ensure you land the role you want. One night over dinner Mehran Torgoley and Llana Barron realized that the best way to land a role is to write it yourself, and a few drinks later, the kernel of the idea for "Committed" was born. In the short film, a compassionate nurse in an overcrowded mental hospital in the early 1950s struggles to prove the sanity of a young paraplegic patient. "We decided to shoot with the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K because of its image quality. It's amazing that we were able to get such an incredibly detailed image for such an affordable price." ...Read More »
New Release:
iPiSoft delivers Version 3
Markerless motion capture is popular for small and large VFX houses, as well as serious hobbyists. iPiSoft brings the capability of quality markerless mocap to everyone with a PC. The software takes advantage of multiple types of cameras, and the new version now supports Kinect2 sensors. ...Read More »
Protecting Content
Let's face it people are uncomfortable with change even though it seems we have to make changes every day. It's even worse when you've got some of the greatest content you ever shot/created stored on devices spread around the office. So what do you do to ensure it's protected, available, safe from prying eyes? You decide to move to 20, 36, more TB of RAID (random array of independent drives) storage. First choice is hardware RAID because it's been around for a long time but now there's a strong option - software RAID - and it's time to understand the pros/cons of each. ...Read More »
Product Review:
It's a media copy application for easily backup and - hey - OFFLOADING your footage from a removable camera media card to somewhere else. Simple enough for almost anyone on set to use. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
Matrox Monarch HD Selected as Streaming and Recording Appliance for Global Underground Music Site
Matrox Monarch HD is the video streaming and recording appliance for the first live underground music site of its kind, DMO Live (Don't Miss Out), a new platform that records and live streams international music parties, exclusive artist interviews and festivals direct to the DMO website. Created for the electronic music lover, DMO (, will soon connect venues in different worldwide locations through one live event by streaming the night's main happening on large screens in club locations around the world. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
Blackmagic Cinema Camera and 686 Technical Apparel
686 Technical Apparel has always been about providing innovative, fashionable outerwear and technical apparel inspired from the same Los Angeles street culture and mountain lifestyle that it was founded on. When cinematographer Ian Post was hired to shoot cinematography for the brand, he knew his gear needed to be as reliable, durable and resilient, as well as able to withstand the elements, as the outerwear he was shooting. Not only does Ian's camera have to work in such harsh conditions, but it also has to deliver stunning footage that captures the snowy landscape as well as highlights the star of the shoots, 686 outerwear. ...Read More »
MAXON at World Animation & VFX Summit
It's a year of Reinvention and Renovation for the World Animation and VFX Summit. It's only 10 days away, but you can still register for the professionals summit. Producer Bonne Arnold (How to Train Your Dragon 2), voice talent Jim Cummings (Winnie the Pooh), animator and artist Glen Keane (Duet), director Rob Minkoff (Mr. Peabody and Sherman), media director Richard Taylor (RGH Themed Entertainment), and director David Silverman (The Simpsons) are some of the 2014 edition?s distinguished honorees and speakers. ...Read More »
Business Issues:
Adobe MAX 2014
This week was the kickoff of Adobe MAX 2014, which seems to be the most concentrated convergence of Adobe creative users from around the world. In this series of articles I'll just present some notes from the convention and my experience as an attendee, a user, a community leader, and a professional user of their software and services. In this installment, I'll give a few words about the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. I may be the wrong candidate, or the perfect candidate to write about this, because I am a Apple/Mac fan, but I'm going to write this piece, and a few to follow on the Surface Pro. ...Read More »
Case Study:
Pixcom Centralizes Video Editing Workstations with Matrox Avio KVM Extenders
High-quality extension helps production company maximize productivity, removing system noise and heat from editing

One of Canada's largest independent production houses, Groupe Pixcom Inc.'s domestic programming has far-reaching appeal, with award-winning television credits across all genres and an international catalog distributed to over 150 countries. With a move to a larger location on the horizon and the desire to continue centralizing workstations and other equipment outside of its video editing studios, Pixcom vetted different KVM extenders and chose the far-reaching, fiber-optic Matrox Avio F120, which enables real-time control up to 10 km (6.2 miles) away from the system. ...Read More »
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Documentary Editors Rock 'Filmage' Post Production with AJA Io XT
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