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Business Issues:
Content Insider #399 - Everyone Sells
Raise your hand if you've been out in the field with your sales team making sales calls. Wait why should you? Your job is engineering, accounting, product design, service/support, marketing/communications you don't have to do sales too. Sorry but you do. We're all selling something to your boss, to a customer, to someone you work with, to an editor/analyst, to some government official, to your significant other, to your kids (that's a tough one). You're constantly selling because if you aren't you're the sellee. Sure sometimes you have to be the purchasor but even then do it so you sell yourself on buying it or the seller that you're leading the process. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
Keeping a Film Look While Shooting in Low Light
"Hero of the Underworld" is about redemption. And it takes viewers from high class life to the seedy world of drug dealers and drug dependence. The film is both literally and figuratively showing viewers the dark world of drug life.The characters in "Hero of the Underworld" exist in a dark world, but they also needed to be shown in stark, visible detail. DP and Director of the film John Vincent needed to toe the line of working with a limited lighting package while still keeping every expression of the actors visible. To do this, he chose to shoot "Hero of the Underworld" with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and grade it using DaVinci Resolve. ...Read More »
Project Profile:
"The Rivalry" Short Horror Film Shot With One Man Crew and Blackmagic Design
Max Normandin always knew he wanted to be a filmmaker. He dreamed of completing his own film, and decided to forgo traditional training and resources and just do it. To pursue his passion, Max purchased a Blackmagic Cinema Camera and a few accessories, and started shooting his first film. With hard work and a lot of ingenuity, the short horror film, "The Rivalry," was born. ...Read More »
Featured News:
AJA Debuts New Mini-Converters at InfoComm 2015
AJA Video Systems introduced five new Mini-Converters at InfoComm 2015, the HB-T-HDMI, and the HB-R-HDMI, along with the ROI-DP, FiDO-4T and the FiDO-4R. ROI-DP provides real-time region-of-interest output to HD-SDI video from any DisplayPort enabled computer. The HB-T-HDMI and HB-R-HDMI offer easy extension of UltraHD or HD HDMI signals over Ethernet cable, utilizing the industry standard HDBaseT protocol. FiDO-4T (transmit) and FiDO-4R (receive) conveniently deliver up to four channels of 3G-SDI over fiber on standard LC connectors. ...Read More »
Featured News:
Adobe Stock for CreativeCloud
Adobe announced their new updates to CreativeCloud 2015 today, and with it comes a whole slew of upgrades to applications that professionals rely on for their daily workflows. Professionals also frequently rely on stock material to incorporate into their projects. Now Adobe will provide opportunities to find and purchase stock materials directly from within the applications you're using. ...Read More »
Featured News:
Adobe CC2015
Adobe launches the latest and greatest update to their suite of applications in Creative Cloud. One of the benefits of Creative Cloud subscriptions is the ability to have access to all of the necessary tools in a digital creation pipeline. The Adobe workflow allows you to complete your creative projects from start to finish, on multiple devices, for multiple audiences - all without going too far from the family of applications. ...Read More »
AnimeStudio Pro 11
There are many types of animation software out there, but Anime Studio has two tiers of character animation software that will let help you bring your creative to life easily and dynamically. The entry level application is called Debut, but when you?re ready to step up your game, Anime Studio Pro will give you the tools you need. The latest release comes with some nice upgrades and new features that will let you get there faster and easier. ...Read More »
Business Issues:
Content Insider #395 - Collaboration
There was a time long, long ago when people went to the office in the morning and went home in the evening. In between those hours they worked, had meetings and keeping things moving smoothly wasn't all that tough. But times change. Today companies want the best teams - employees and consultants - whether they are cross town, cross country, on the other side of the globe far from traditional offices. It requires attention and special managerial skills to ensure the virtual team works smoothly when they can't be seen every day. But having the best team - regardless of their location - produces outstanding returns/results. That's what you want right? ...Read More »
Featured News:
Kinefinity and ASSIMILATE Partner to Deliver KineRAW Codec and Real-time Post Production to Chinese Filmmaking Market
ASSIMILATE and Kinefinity today announced they are partnering to deliver advanced digital filmmaking solutions to the high-growth Chinese marketplace. The collaboration equips Chinese filmmakers with a streamlined all-in-one, value-priced solution for 2D/3D productions, from image capture with a high-resolution Kinefinity camera (4K, 6K) to using high-performance SCRATCH tools for on-set data management and dailies, and full post production - conform, color grading, versioning, compositing, finishing, and mastering. ...Read More »
SuperMeetUp Set
The international SuperMeetUp is coming to San Jose, Ca in conjunction with FCPX as filmmakers and content production people meet on Apple's home turf. It will be a great educational and fun event for Final Cut Pro experts and soon to be experts. ...Read More »
Using Autodesk 3D modeling, animation and digital sculpting solutions, Fido created and refined dynamic 3D assets and scenes to bring Sandberg's 80's cop drama homage to life. To watch the film for free, visit: . ...Read More »
Digital Juice Pro Announced
You may have remembered when we wrote about this a few months back. Digital Juice was offering these programs for $99 off. However, at only $99 more, these one time memberships are still a great deal. ...Read More »
Quick Tip:

Keeping sensitive data undisclosed becomes very critical nowadays. Whether you want to migrate your system to a new storage device, sell or give away your old laptop or free space on your storage device - permanent removal of sensitive personal or business information is of the highest priority. In addition, it is important to know that the traditional HDD-based wiping methods for SSDs shorten their lifespan as this operation eats up write cycles. ...Read More »
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Business Issues:
Content Insider # 396 - New Work - New Technologies and Gen Yers Enable A Different View of Work/Life
Project Profile:
The Woodlands First Baptist Church Seamlessly Transitions into a Connected Campus and Mega Church with Blackmagic Design
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