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CMMS Studio Advises Creative Professionals to Make New Year's Resolutions   By PRWEB

Loris, South Carolina (PRWEB) December 31, 2012

CMMS Studio offers some tips that have helped them in 2012.

Power OFF technology devices.

Every Monday for two hours the professionals at CMMS Studio, come together for an uninterrupted meeting to exchange creative ideas. They constantly improve their techniques with up-to-date technologies that are implemented in their photography, videography, advertising, and graphic design business workflow. Consequently CMMS Studio has become a technology-driven business whose team are glued to either their computers or cameras all day which shortens the time they verbally communicate with one another. A breakthrough was made during one of their weekly meetings when they all took part in an informal Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment to measure their various personality types. This served as a team-building exercise which, as a result has made each team member aware of their various traits and personality characteristics and use them in ways that help address and cope with situations in a more positive and effective manner. Due to the sharing of ideas amongst the staff and their constant awareness of current technologies they are experiencing an increase in productivity and profit.