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SEO Consult® aims to dispel myth that short content cannot rank well   By PRWEB

Cheshire, United Kingdom (PRWEB UK) 30 November 2012

SEO Consult®, a leading search engine optimisation agency based in the North West of England, is in agreement with Googles recent comments that outline how short content can still rank effectively on the search engine website.

In a recent Google Webmaster Help discussion John Mueller, a representative from the web giant, discussed how there is a common misconception that content on websites must be 500 words in length in order to rank effectively. Although more words on a page can help sites and businesses to climb the rankings, Google takes into account factors such as site traffic and user interaction as to which page a specific link will appear upon searching.

Mueller was keen to stress that well written, unique content can help to improve rankings, even if it may be half the length of the traditional 500 words that SEO experts and enthusiasts assume is necessary. Large numbers of comments from web users as well as other factors are extremely effective, as Google will recognise that that particular piece of content is likely to be relevant to the search term it ranks for.