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Success in Germany Leads SDI Media to Further Expand German Studios By Globenewswire

Los Angeles, CA., Jan. 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Just four months after the opening of a new dubbing studio in
Munich, Germany, SDI Media announces additional expansion of the
facility due to significant customer demand and volumes. SDI Media
Germany GmbH opened in Munich September 2012. As a result of higher
than anticipated demand, the global service provider is announcing
immediate plans for additional build-outs, doubling its Munich
capacity during the first half of 2013. In addition, SDI is also in
the process of expanding its Berlin operations, including the
addition of numerous recording, mixing, and editing suites. 
SDI has also recently expanded its staff at both locations,
including the addition of client managers, bookers, schedulers, and
director support.   

Committed to offering clients ever-greater access to its
integrated global network of facilities and technology, SDI is
expanding both German facilities to ensure sufficient capacity is
available for already committed dubbing projects and the additional
growth expected in the next 12-18 months. The expansion provides
SDI the ability to service more projects locally and continue
providing German broadcasters accelerated time-to-market
capabilities with greater recording and mixing capacity.

"Our recent expansion into Munich provided our clients an
opportunity to have a second SDI solution in Germany to manage
projects in territory with local talent," said Walter Schonfeld,
SDI Media's CEO. "With both studios already operating near full
capacity, SDI has elected to expand both to ensure our clients have
the capacity and resources necessary to complete projects
seamlessly, with the same efficiencies SDI is known for."

SDI has also recently announced the next phase of its global
plan for footprint expansion and upgrades to its existing
facilities - SDI will be entering 3 new markets the first half of
2013, and will be upgrading  7 existing facilities (in
addition to the German facility upgrades) during the upcoming
calendar year.  These investments will extend to facilities in
Europe, Asia, and the Americas. As with all recent
expansions/upgrades, SDI's funding will continue to come from
internally generated sources. This further purports SDI's strong
financial position and low debt levels, which allow SDI to invest
at these aggressive rates for the foreseeable future.