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Virtual Media Group is Giving Booths Power- 5 Ways to Use Video at Your Next Trade Show   By PRWEB

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) December 14, 2012

Advertisers and marketers understand that the trends that are common in the consumer market. They know that the latest and greatest achievement or innovation in marketing will most likely be taken up and run with by every other company that has the means and capability of doing so. One of the trends that is giving power and bringing attention to companies now is the trade show video. Basically, these are relatively short videos that are put on a loop and play throughout an event to give everyone who happens to walk by or in a booth the opportunity of learning a little bit about the company.

Below are the Top 5 ways to use a trade show videos:

1. In the booth
2. Email invitation to the show
3. On giveaways during the show (CD's, DVDs, & USB Drive)
4. Linked to a printed QR Code on business cards and brochures.
5. As a follow up email after the show.