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Willink Asset Management LLC Releases Article on Variable Annuities With "Living Benefits"   By PRWEB

East Aurora, NY (PRWEB) January 16, 2013

Willink Asset Management LLC, an investment and financial planning firm in New York, recently published an article that offers cautions and advice for consumers about Variable Deferred Annuities with so-called Guaranteed Living Benefits.

In the article, "Variable Annuities with Living Benefits--Still a Work in Progress", CFP Fred Fadel notes that although this financial product is appealing because it offers an array of desirable features in a single package, there are questions about the industry's ability and willingness to deliver the promised benefits. To date, several major annuity companies have backed out of this market, or curtailed the benefits offered in their contracts.

The offered benefits of Variable Annuities with "Living Benefits" include a tax deferral, tax free death benefit, a locked-in market gain and guaranteed growth, guarantee of principal and other promises.