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"Turn Around" and Listen to This   By PRWEB

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 18, 2012

Chicago based (We Are) Nexus is certainly turning heads! This female/male duo, comprised of Vocalist/DJ Carmen Rainier and Producer/DJ Nick Gunn, are no strangers to music production and their debut single, Turn Around, proves it.

Slick production, killer drops, clean bottoms, trancy vocals, and catchy melodies pull you right in, wanting more. Turn Around is the first of three hot new singles from the soon-to-be released self titled EP (We Are) Nexus that proves to be an explosive release for this new duo. We are not new to the music scene and business, just to EDM... and we are loving it! says Producer/DJ Nick Gunn.

Theres a real solid kick and bottom to this single that is dirty, gritty, and reminiscent of Electro House but, at the same time, it has killer drops and a trance driven chorus. Carmen Rainier debuts her soft trancy vocal approach and is provocative as hell.