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FROM: changchenganna
SUBJECT: What material does chaeng rotary kiln support roller use?
[url=]Cement Rotary kilns[/url] is one of the key equipment in [url=]cement production line[/url] , weighing hundreds of tons, and rotary kiln operation, thanks to kiln roller support and positioning. Typically, Rotary Kilns are made of steel casting, they bear the weight of the entire rotating part (main kiln shell weight ,refractories, tire, etc.), and the rotary portion can be above the safe and stable operation. Thus, each roller through the tire under great force, different forms of damage often occur. Thus, roller quality directly affect the entire operation of the rotary kiln, the user selects the processing [url=]kiln roller manufacturers[/url] more time to shop around, choose the strength of Rotary Kiln processing factories.
Chaeng is a professional domestic manufacturer of rotary kilns, large steel castings, and so on.chaeng has many years of experience in the production of large steel parts processing, and for domestic and foreign industry to provide first-class large steel castings production and processing services. Rotary Kilns are one of the star products of the chaeng steel processing, processing kiln roller steel products also are popular.
1. Roller bearing load, continuous operation good
2. Simple structure, easy maintenance adjustment
3. Using normalized and tempered treatment process, high hardness

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