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FROM: alvin69
SUBJECT: How to recover deleted contacts on iPhone 4/4S from iTunes backup files?
KEYWORDS: recover deleted contacts, recover contacts iphone, iutnes backup, iphone data reocvery
How did you lose iPhone 4/4S contacts?

“I have loved my iPhone 4S up until now. Today when I synced contacts with iTunes, it cleaned out my Address Book on Mac. Then I synced again, hoping to get the contacts off my iPhone 4S and back into Address Book. But it wiped out all the contacts on my iPhone! I got to admit I just felt like I could cry. How could Apple allow something like this to happen!”

“Before updating iPhone OS, I backed up settings and contacts with iTunes. After system update, all contacts on my iPhone 4 were lost. I can’t find where the original backup file is located in order to restore lost contacts. I really want to get back the original contacts that were on my iPhone 4.”

Have you ever come across these situations before? Some of you may lose your iPhone 4/4S contacts by other reasons. No matter how you deleted the contacts, it may affect your work and life more or less. Go on reading to see how to get out of the jams instantly.

Do you want to restore the lost contacts from iTunes backup files?

As we know, every time you sync your iDevice with iTunes, it will automatically backup the contents of the iDevice. Therefore, some people want to restore the deleted contacts on their iPhone 4/4S from iTunes backup files. In theory, this method can work as long as you do not connect the iPhone 4/4S to iTunes after data loss.

Cannot get back lost contacts from iTunes backup files?

When you find the iPhone 4/4S backup files created by iTunes, you may have no idea of opening and using them. These files cannot be opened and used directly on Mac and iDevice. In this occasion, you need a program to get the contacts off iTunes backup files to restore them.

iPhone 4/4S Contacts Recovery:

Data Recovery for iTunes can extract the files including contacts, photos, SMS, notes, reminders and bookmarks from the backups that iTunes automatically makes of your iPhone 4/4S. With the program, you can recover the deleted contacts from iTunes backup files to both CSV and VCF files.

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How to recover iPhone lost data from iTunes backup files? - YouTube

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