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FROM: Kendy
SUBJECT: Can we do something to "system not found"?
KEYWORDS: system not found, missing operating system
[url=]System not found[/url] is one of the most common computer errors. It may be aroused by computer input/output system (BIOS) does not detect the hard disk drive, the hard disk is damaged or corrupted, master Boot Record (MBR) on hard drive is broken, note that some third-party programs or disk operations can damage an MBR, an incompatible partition is marked as Active, a partition that contains the MBR is no longer active. If you want to [url=]missing operating system[/url] error by yourself. These following steps may be available for you to deal with the problem.

Firstly, create a bootable CD/USB to be a tool for fixing system not found.

Secondly, set the computer boot from CD/USB after enter into the BIOS menu.

Thirdly, start fixing "system not found" with the CD/USB created at the first step.

If your computer runs into the error like this, then the solution above is available for you. What you should do is step by step to rescue your computer and get it work soon. You should trust yourself can also fix [url=]missing operating system[/url] after you read the tutorial. I hope my experience is available for you once the problem occurs to you.

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