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FROM: andony
SUBJECT: How to hack Windows 7 Login password

Tip one: Hack Windows 7 Password with Windows 7 Installation CD

1. Insert the installation disk to your locked computer, restart. When following interface appears. Cllick“Repair your computer”.
2. A dialog with several options pops up, click Command Prompt.
3. When a Command Prompt black screen appears, copy sethc.exe. Then copy cmd.exe to sethc.exe.
4. Restart your computer. On the login screen, tap Shift key five times and you'll see a command prompt screen in administrator mode. OK, type "net user UserName NewPassword" (replace the UserName and UserPassword with which you wanna) and press Enter key. The user password will be replaced with new one. Close the window and then you can login your laptop Windows 7 with new password.

Tip two: Hack Windows 7 login password with a Windows password recovery tool.

This method requires you to load a Windows 7 password recovery program.

1. Install the program on another computer and create a password recovery disk with USB

2. Insert the disk to your laptop and set your laptop to boot from it.

3. All user accounts will be loaded, then you can reset any user password.

If you want to read more details: How to Hack Windows 7 Login Passowrd.
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