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FROM: Kendy
SUBJECT: Windows 8 won’t boot problem is easy to be solve
KEYWORDS: windows 8 won't boot,can't boot windows 8,windows 8 boot error,windows 8boot repair
It's unfortunate to start a day-you press the power button on your computer and nothing happens. Few computer problems are more frustrating than when your windows 8 won’t boot . There are many reasons why a computer won't turn on and often very few clues about what might be the problem. The only symptom is usually the simple fact that "nothing works" which isn't much to go on. You may feel down and not to know what to do. But I do, what I have learn enable me to give you a hand and figure out the problem. The follows steps are necessary to be done if you want to fix your computer as soon as possible.

Step one. Burn a rescue boot disc or USB drive.
You need to download Windows Boot Genius and install it into a computer ,then insert the CD/USB and run the program to burn it .

Step two. boot your computer from CD/USB
Enter into the BIOS and change the Boot Device Priority ,then save the changes and exit.

Step three.Rescue your computer
Insert the CD/USB then you will enter into the WinPE system, and click the Windows Boot Genius icon there on the desktop. After run up the program, config the parameter according to your problem. This rescuing process would last within minutes.

With the help of Windows Boot Genius, you needn't worried about XP won't boot,windows 7 won't boot ,windows 8 won't start or vista won't boot. It can be used to fix any windows 8 boot error .If your windows 8 won’t boot one day, read this tutorial and I am surely believe you would fix it soon.

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