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FROM: Fllodawpor
SUBJECT: How to recover Windows 8 password on guest account?
KEYWORDS: recover Windows 8 password, windows 8 password reset
Since the release of Windows 8 in last October, Microsoft has made great efforts to popularize it in different industries. However, believe it or not, as Windows 8 becomes more and more popular, a vast number of people get annoyed by their forgotten Windows 8 passwords since this new operating system comes out, just as the present Windows 7 users. So if you have forgotten your Windows 8 password on guest account, what will you do to recover Windows 8 password?

It’s a known issue that Windows 8 has a 16-character limitation to the password for Windows Live ID. So if your password contains more than 16 characters, change your password to a shorter one. Also, you can try to check the password hint to recall your password on guest account. If you still fail to login your Windows 8 system, please refer to the following Windows 8 password recovery solutions.

First of all, you can make use of Windows 8 password reset disk in the premise that you have created it before you forget your password on guest account. It is supposed to be the fastest and simplest way. What you need to do is just some mouse clicks. But in fact, many users forget to make a password reset disk in most cases. Therefore, this method can only be available for those who have foresights.

For those who have Windows 8 password reset disk, they can reset Windows 8 password on guest account with "lusrmgr.msc" command. But you should also notice that this method may lead to data loss, including, stored passwords, encrypted files, and personal security certificates in your computer.

Step 1: Click on “Start” after you have logged in Windows 8 as administrator. Tap on “Run” and input "lusrmgr.msc" in Run box.

Step 2: When it pops up the “Local Users and Groups” page, click to open the “Users” folder.

Step 3: Select the right guest account and then click on "Set Password".

Step 4: Type in your new password twice and then click on “OK” to finish the whole process.

Actually, if you have no Windows 8 password reset disk and also you don’t want any data get lost in the process, you can choose a reliable Windows 8 password reset tool on the Internet. Anmosoft Windows Password Reset, for instance, is a powerful and easy-to-use Windows password reset tool by burning a password reset disk.

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