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FROM: Drgoogs
SUBJECT: Resize still pictures help

Here is similar method that sets up a batch action in Photoshop and doesn't crop the images but instead resizes automatically.

You can view the tuorial here;

This is with Photoshop CS2 I don't know about earlier versions.

First import one of your images, open the "Actions Pallet" click on the "Make New Action" button. Name the action something like "Resize 800x600" and click on "Record"

Next go to File - Automate - Fit Image and set your constraints to the size you want, the tutorial uses 800 and 600, click OK. This will keep the proper perspectives of the images while insuring the image is no taller or wider than 600 x 800 pixels. Hit "Stop" on your action pallet and close the image you resized without saving it.

Next go to File - Automate - Batch, Set to "Default Actions" select "Resize 800 x 600" (the action you just recorded) choose "Folder" as your source and find the folder that holds your original images.

Destination is set to "Folder" and browse to a folder you created earlier, say one you labled "800x600 images" and select that folder. Click OK.

What will happen next is that it will take all of your original images and re-size them and save the new resized images into the new folder in a matter of a few minutes while you relax.

The rest of the tutorial shows you how to easily create a slide show in After Effects just as quickly.

Have fun

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