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FROM: beth
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SUBJECT: Grey background after pasting Illustrator in Word
Windows Metafiles are "depracated". Don't use them if you don't absolutely have to (like for the ancient Windows 3.1!!)

Word supports eps, tiff and jpeg files. If you are making a letterhead template for Word (that's the main reason I have to export ai files to Word), use either eps or tiff. They will work fine.

EPS files will show up printed, but the onscreen preview is either not there, or really a low quality preview (you may need to install filters in Word). EPSs will print out fine 99% of the time, but always do a test print first (postscript files were an issue if you didn't have a postscript printer, encapsulated postscript should work on any printer).

Also, Word embeds graphics by default, so make sure you are exporting the smallest sized eps or tiff possible.

When you install MS Word, you need to make sure you installed the graphics filters that are "optional" during the installation. You can go back and add those filters from your MS Office CDs - doing a modify installation.

Tip for making Word letterhead templates... put the letterhead info in the header/footer section [View > Headers and Footers] and make sure to leave room for the printer margins (usually .55" from the bottom edge, .25" on the sides).

Also - to get transparent backgrounds, either use an eps, or with TIFFs (gifs, pngs, bitmaps too) you can set the transparent color. After you insert the picture, the picture toolbar will show up [if not View > Toolbars > Picture]. Click the "set transparent color" icon and then click the color on your picture that you want to be transparent.
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