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FROM: Tamara
SUBJECT: Unable to open a psd?
I have the same problem and tried everything to open it. Mine does display a photoshop icon.

This is what happened exactly.

A mayor problem occured on a picture I spend at least 10hrs on! I saved it regulary and opened it the next day to continue working on it. Just when I finished I saved and just when I was doing that the power went off. I thought no problem I saved ,everything is cool. But when I restarted the computer the file refused to open. First I got a weird message saying "Unknown data has been encountered reading layer "Layer 7" and will be discarded. Continue?" I said yes because I just wanted to open my file. Next it said, "This file uses an unsupported blending mode. Substitute normal mode?" I said OK as well. Then it went on to say, "A problem was encountered reading layer "Layer 7" because of a program error. Continue?" Again I said OK. The last message I got was "Could not open "file name" because the file is not compatible with this version of photoshop."

The strange thing is that last message doesn't make sense as I made it on the same version of photoshop on the same computer.

I tried everything to make it work. I changed the format to .jpg, .gif. etc.

I opened it with all the different programs I have. The best I could do was get a tiny icon of the picture. The original picture was saved as a .psd. I can open other .psd files but not this one. I beg of you if you know any way to fix this please, please tell me. I spend so much effort on this picture and I will do anything to make it work.

BTW I made an extra copy of the picture and then changed the file format so that the original file wouldn't be ruined.

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