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FROM: lindemrm
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SUBJECT: Saving Multiple Files as jpeg


I thought for sure this would have been something I could figure out, but here I am.  I have multiple photographs open as tiffs in photoshop (like up to 40 or so).  What I'm doing is saving them all as quality 12 jpegs, so I can send them to be printed.  Surely there's a simple way to automate this process by saying "save all open files as..." or something, but being the novice to photoshop and scripts that I am, I've not been able to find it. I thought maybe there would have been a 'save multiple files as' option under batching, but no luck.  Does anyone have a simple javascript or anything handy to help me? (I'm on a PC, so apple script stuff won't do me much good)

Thanks for your help!!!  (oh yeah, I'm running version CS on XP Pro, if that helps)


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