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FROM: Mina Mikhail
SUBJECT: Film look from FilmFX plug-in
I shot an independant movie recently using the Canon XL1. I used the camera in Frame mode and also with the 16:9 option on, which I'm slowly realizing, now that I'm in post, shouldn't be done.

It's quite obvious to me now that both of these effects can be achieved in post and actually limit my ability to apply certain effects properly.

I'm trying to use the BigFX FilmFX plug-in in Premiere 6.01. I'm using a Pentium III 800 Mhz machine with 256 MB RAM. The footage was captured using a plain vanilla OHCI Firewire card and now reside on an external 40Gb Firewire drive. They were captured at the DV Widescreen pixel ratio.

Before using the FilmFX plug-in, I had previously been able to set my project to DV NTSC and apply the 'Maintain Aspect Ratio' option on the video to achieve the letterbox look that I wanted. Now with the FilmFX plug-in, these setting are ignored, forcing me to use the plug-in's letterbox settings, which aren't optimal for me.

Is there anyway that I can have the Premiere-set letterbox effect with the FilmFX plug-in or any other work arounds to this problem (such as finding out the exact ratio that Premiere sets the video to when it does 'Maintain Aspect Ratio' in 4:3)?

I was also wondering if anyone has done a comparison of the FilmFX plug-in and the CineLook plug-in from Digieffects. Are there any other plug-ins that apply film look?

Any information would be really appreciated.

Mina Mikhail

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