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FROM: Miriam d
SUBJECT: Premiere running v-e-r-y slowly

I'm a newbie to digital video, but I've been doing digital photography for years (using Photoshop amongst others).

I recently installed Premiere 6.0 trial version (from Adobe's website) but it seems to be running incredibly slowly (to the point where Task Manager thinks it's stopped responding, although if I'm patient it eventually comes back to life). Task Manager also tells me it's using 100% of my CPU at those times.

I'm trying to put together a fairly large file (approx finished length about 50 mins) from 5 separate MPEG clips in DVD quality (which total about 1.3 GB altogether). The plan is to eventually export it as SVCD (or maybe DVD, I 'm keen to keep the quality as good as possible). Premiere takes forever to import them (even just one file of approx 110 MB), and then likewise is incredibly slow to respond to any commands when I try to manipulate, trim, or whatever my files (I'm still only trying very basic things at this stage). Even moving from one part of the file to another once it's imported is very slow, without actually changing anything.

I was using Ulead Videostudio (which seemed to deal with the same files just fine) but it's so basic and hard to use that it was driving me nuts, so I thought I'd try Premiere, but now I'm stuck altogether...

As far as I can make out my system should be up to the challenge, I'm running an AMD Athlon XP 2100+ (1.73 GHz), with 512 MB RAM, one 10 GB HD which has Win 2K and Premiere installed on it (plus other stuff...) and one 60 GB HD which has been designated my scratch disk and also holds my files etc. Both drives are on the same controller, don't know if that makes a difference.

Is there anything I can do in terms of settings in Premiere, hardware configuration or file types (or anything else) to make Premiere usable? As it is now, I think I'll be uninstalling it because it's next to useless!



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