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FROM: CK Editman
SUBJECT: No Audio on MPEG-2 after Adobe Media Encoder render
OS is XP Pro w/ SP2, 2 GIG ram, 3.0 Processor, hyper thread board, dedicated capture and scratch disks, etc.render

Working on Premier Pro Production Studio. I've Exported directly to DVD with great results. But my Export to movie file only plays video when I play it in Windows Media Player. No audio.
Also, Exported through Adobe Media Encoder with MPEG-2 Generic setting, multiplexer on MPEG-2. Actually took the defaults and didn't try to tweak anything and my video looks good but my audio is not there. When I crank my volume on PC it sounds like a low static, like a bad connection.

Went to main concept website to see if there's an update I'm missing and it doesn't appear that I am.

My time line has my complete project (:30 second TV spot) and each track is enabled, nothing muted and the direct Export to DVD seems to prove that. It has audio.

Any ideas people? I must have changed some record setting or something because it use to work after installing the Pre Pro Studio package a few months ago.

Thanks in advance....
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