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FROM: Mark Simon
SUBJECT: Want to pitch your animation?
We start training next week, on August 22 for MIPCOM and TAC (Television Animation Conference). These are your best opportunities for pitching shows this fall. Thousands of buyers between them are looking for the next big hit. Make sure you know what to bring, how to land those meetings and how to pitch. I've also pitched to more than half the pitch catchers at TAC.

Our Hit Maker Tours ( mentor you through the conferences so you are more successful. I had a mentor for my first MIPCOM and I sold a show there. We can help you too.

No travel is needed for our training, and we'll be onsite at the conferences with you. We'll make introductions, work with you, answer any question, review your materials. Travel to MIPCOM isn't the easiest, and we help you there too. Check out to see how we can help you make your trips to conferences better.

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