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FROM: Mark Simon
SUBJECT: Pitch your show this summer
Hey show creators… two fantastic opportunities are coming early this summer to pitch your show, meet network execs, producers and agents face-to-face, and finally get your show on TV.

Where can you pitch any type reality show to A&E, History, Lifetime, Discovery, HGTV, Comcast, Syfy, MTV, CAA and many many more? At Realscreen West, June 5&6 in Santa Monica.
Where can you pitch any scripted sitcom, drama or show to ABC, Bravo, BET, Fremantle, Lionsgate, Discovery, APA, CAA and many many more? NATPE’s Pitchcon, May 9&10 in Hollywood.
Best news of all, why not go along with someone who’s already done it all and can help you fine-tune a winning pitch, target your best prospects, make key introductions, and give your conference experience the best possible chance to pay off? Emmy-award-winning producer of Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch” Doug Stanley will mentor you to one conference and I will mentor you to the other. Get the inside edge. For more info, links and an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT for Pitchcon registration, go to Check it out now and save big bucks.

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