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FROM: dave
SUBJECT: Can FCP Eliminate Any Audio Hiss?
The audio filters in FCP are not very good, IMO. Download the free version of ProTools from the digidesign web site (, export your audio track from FCP and import it into ProTools, work on it there, then re-import the altered sound back into FCP.

If you are not well-versed in audio editing, to remove the hiss is kind of an art. There's no "de-hiss" setting. You can only notch filter certain frequencies to reduce the hiss but not eliminate it.

Play around with the eq settings until you isolate the frequency of the hiss. You can do this by using a notch filter and INCREASING the settings until you hear the hiss get a lot worse. (That's the easiest way to identify it.) Then decrease that frequency. You'll find you'll probably lose some audio clarity as well in any dialogue that's going on.

Your success will depend on if it's hi freq. or low freq. hiss (also called "rumble.") If it's low freq., then use a hi pass filter, or a low shelf.

Also, depending on the final use of the footage, there's another way to lessen it - and that's to add the hiss to the rest of the tracks that don't have it. First, eliminate all the hiss you can in the noisy tracks, then find a long period of hiss in the noisy tracks and copy it, then paste them to the newer audio tracks that don't have the hiss. By making the hiss happen throughout, then it won't be noticeable by coming in and out. Go to and read Jay Rose's articles on sound for some excellent advice.

I know that sounds counter-intuitive to add hiss to other tracks, but it does eliminate the difference in audio tracks. Again, this depends on the type of piece you're doing as to whether this is acceptable.

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