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FROM: johanwindh
SUBJECT: Clip OK in Viewer, Lower Res in Timeline
KEYWORDS: fcp, final cut pro, timeline, resolution

I am currently working on a project with material exported from FCP to Color, back to FCP, then to AE and finally back to FCP again.

The workflow:

The footage is shot with SONY EX1 (XDCAM HD) and first cut natively. Then copied to a new sequence which is ProRes HQ 422 with 10-bit rendering. This is exported and graded in Color and re-imported, exported as QT to AE.

I work in AE as ProRes and export again, LossLess and ProRes.

(From what I now understand it is possible to skip the step to ProRes before going to AE.)

HereĀ“s the problem. When I look at my AE clips in the Viewer in FCP they look good. When I place them in the timeline again they are a bit lower Res. than in the Viewer..

Can someone give me some input on this?

Any help is appreciated!



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