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FROM: Asanch
SUBJECT: Undelete android videos on my SD card
KEYWORDS: undelete android videos, undelete android sd card,recovery android videos
Wrongly formatted SD card on your Android phone and lost important videos? Someone may say I set to show all hidden files. However this still cannot find lost files!
Her is good news. This Data Recovery for Android can recover any photos & videos generated by your android phone or transferred from other devices, as well as music, documents, archives, and more stored on your SD card inside the Android phone.

Here are the steps of how to recover your lost Android files with this Android Data Recovery tool.

First, install and run the program on your computer, and you’ll get the interface as follows.

Step1. Connect Android to computer
Directly connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable, without needing to take the SD card out of the phone. When it appears as a hard disk on your computer, the program will detect it as follows.

Step2. Scan lost data
After connecting the Android phone to the program, click on the “Start” to find out all lost data from the SD card on your Android.

Step3. Preview and check
All recoverable data are categorized as different file types, such as archive, audio, graphic, video, etc. You can preview the photos in original quality, and check the other files one by one.

Step4. Recover
Check the single file or the whole file type that you want back, and click on the “Recover” to save on your computer.

By using the above steps, all of my lost photos got back! And it also restored the photographs that were deleted previously. Thanks for the help this software provided! I guess many other programs can also help recover data for Android SD card. But easiest for you must be this Data Recovery for Android

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