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FROM: Asanch
SUBJECT: Recover deleted lost photos from most popular Android phones
Do you want to copy songs/videos off your iPhone and put onto your new windows 7? Here is an easy way.
The only tool you need: iPhone to Windows 7 transfer.

The following are step by step guide on how to get music off iPhone and put onto windows 7:

Step 1: Free Download Tansee iPhone Transfer here and then install it.
You also need iTunes above 7.3 installed. To get full version, click HERE.

Step 2: Connect iPhone to your computer.

Step 3: Launch Tansee iPhone Transfer, and all the contents of your iPhone including music and videos will be displayed automatically. See the following screenshot.

Step 4: Select the files that you want to transfer to your computer by clicking them. For selecting multi-files, please use Ctrl key. Right click or clicking "file" can select all songs/videos.

Note: you can only select first 5 songs if you haven't purchase the full version. Click HERE to get the full version and save 20% now.

Step 5: Click "Copy" button on the bottom right side to set output path and start to transfer songs or videos to your computer.

Now your music and videos on iPhone are safely transferred to your computer. You can easily add them to your iTunes library.

As you can see, this handy program will help you a lot when you transfer songs/ videos from iphone to computer for backup or sharing .You can get its full version now HERE at a very competitive price (20% off), or see more details about this iPhone to computer transfer.

iPhone to computer transfer - saves us lots of time!

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