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FROM: decnova
SUBJECT: Visual Audible Christmas Gift
KEYWORDS: Christmas Gift, iphone case, iphone earphone, ipad case, iphone transfer, video converter
OK, what gift do you prepare for christmas? We know, christmas gift is sharing and care with friends and family. So it’s not matter what gift it is, it just show your heart to the people you care.
If you got furnishings gadgets, that's the mainstream gift idea, bacause we always do it. But why not make non-mainstream gift for the man in your life.

I just show something I like to make for my family, so, just have a look at it.

First part, Visual Christmas Gift:
First, make your gift can be take along.

For example:
Ostrich Pattern Leather Case for New iPad is a new choice because it is truly a fashion ipad leather case fit with new ipad4 ipad 3 ipad2. iPad can be automatically wake or put it into hibernation. Really an iPad kickstand protective case to express stylish fashionably.

Recommend reasons:
1. Made by quality PU leather, lightweight, more fashion, delicate touch, non-slip and anti-fingerprint.
2. Professionally Designed Case for iPad 3 (newest generation with camera). As fashion ipad leather case, it’s more softer, more comfortable, improve the protection performance for ipad2 ipad3 ipad4.

For ipad mini users, iPad MINI Protective Leather Rotary Case With Belt Buckle is the hotest ipad mini leather case which can be used seperately as two cover, the best ipad mini case reivew here.

Recommend reason:
It's most popular ipad mini leather case which can be use as two ipad mini cover..

Second part, how to make your audible christmas gift?
First, make your christmas gift audible.

iPhone5 EarPods Headphones with Remote and Mic is a good example which compatible with versions of iPhone5/4 /4s/3GS, iPod touch 2/3/4/5, and New iPad, the audio quality is so superior, these designed headphones are more comfortable to wear and have much better sound quality by Apple.

It's designed to rest comfortably inside — and stay inside — a variety of ear types.
Recommed reason:
It's worth to listening and $19.95 on

You can get something like that as you like.

So now, we can connect your visual and audible christmas gift to make a whole Integral gift. That's the finnal step.

After decoration your devices, then conncet device to notebook or imac you like with Dock Connector to USB Cable Sync Data Charger. After done, transfer your video file to computer with iphone/ipad transfer, then convert your favourite video or 2012 experience to 3D videos and make a special effect on it, such as the conclusion of your 2012 or anything you want to say or do, then burn it to DVD and yes, that's the final gift for the man in your life. These works can be do easy with video converter ultimate.

Whatever the gift like, it's your hard work and your heart work, isn't it?

If you want to make a luxury but in budget gift, this Simple Luxury iPhone5 Crystal Diamond Metal Bumper is good for iphone users.
This simple iphone case really enough to interpretation your simple luxury diamond iPhone5 case style, very simple, and yet luxurious, get more info or visit theideasforgift site by Simple Luxury iPhone5 Crystal Diamond Metal Bumper.

For iPhone5 Luxury Vintage Leather Book Wallet Cover Case, which is useful book wallet case for iphone, you can go iPhone 4S book case review here, also the iPhone5 book wallet case.

It seems for all iphone users, not, it can be also for samsung phone users, if you do it.

Another choice is Survivor Protective Case with Stand for SAMSUNG Galaxy S3, if you love sporty or someone love sporty, it’s really a good gift:
Survivor Protective Case with Stand for SAMSUNG Galaxy S3

Recommend reason:
This Survivor case for Galaxy S3 is designed from the inside out to protect your Samsung Galaxy S3 from extreme conditions and a host of other environmental factors. Here is the survivor S3 case.

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