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FROM: Ken Rutkowski
SUBJECT: Antares AutoTune Presets In Here
Groovewerx - You shouldn't need presets. Don't take this the wrong way, but if it's not working for you and you have it set up correctly, then the problem must be the vocalists. It can't fix everyone. Take the simplest case, a song in C Major. If a singer attempts to sing an "E," for instance, but is actually sings flat and ends up closer to a "D," then the machine can't be expected to know that it was supposed to be an "E." The program is stupid... it only does what you tell it to do, and that is to "suck" the note to the nearest correct note of the scale. If the singer is too far off, or if the scale is an odd one that you cannot identify or program, or if the song changes keys to one that is not compatible, it can't work the way you'd like it to. I'd suggest really analyzing the vocal tracks you've been working with. I haven't met one vocal yet that I haven't at least been able to HELP, and most I can make sound much, much better without sounding fake.

Hope it helps,

Ken Rutkowski

Outer Limit Recording Studio

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