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FROM: SigVid
SUBJECT: HD Equip Ques
KEYWORDS: HD HDV Equipment Mixer Camera
I am looking to upgrade to HD this year. I had 2 ques.
First, can anyone recommend a good camera, affordable, pref one that can still utilize tape or have the option of not shooting HD, if such a beast exists?
Second, I generally mix live and use a mixer for the cross fade and for a split screen effect. Those are the only two effects I use or need. Can anyone recommend a video mixer that takes a feed from a widescreen HD camera and allows me to do that, which then I feed to a laptop to be recorded on hard drive, already mixed. Again, price is an issue.
Would greatly appreciate any help! HD is a new world for me. My company does a lot of business but it is not really a field that has required me to jump into HD very quickly, so now that I am, it's very new.

Thanks much!

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