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FROM: ferryr1
SUBJECT: iPhone Data Recovery to Restore iPhone SMS, Contacts, Photo on iPhone
More and more iPhone users are facing the problem of photos loss. Due to accidental deleting or factory resetting, the pictures are gone unexpectedly. What can you do to get them back? Don't worry, here we recommend you iPhone Data Recovery.
It is an effective as well as reliable recovery software that can help you recover all your deleted photos back without any quality loss. Here I provide two solutions for you to figure out how to recover deleted photos from iPhone.

Solution 1: Directly scan and recover photos from iPhone

Step 1: Run the program and connect your iPhone
Step 2: Download a plug-in separately for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS
Step 3: Enter the device's scanning mode and scan it
Step 4: Preview and recover deleted iPhone photos

Solution 2: How to scan and extract iTunes backup to recover iPhone photos

Step 1: Choose iTunes backup and scan it
Step 2: Recover deleted iPhone pictures

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