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FROM: smithshane
SUBJECT: How to Convert M4V to WMV

I had the panasonic hdc-sd40 nowdays. But I can’t upload my avchd files correctly onto movie maker recently. I have to edit files by using windows movie maker and then upload an youtube. Almost my cameras files were saved in mts files. But now, I need a more common file format so that I can watch them easily. I have tried many video converters for doing that but none of them can work well to convert mts file to mov . So, I try to use VoltiacHD to convert the video well. However, the audio was completely off and the frame rate at 3 frames per second whenever I tried to open the movie maker. Even other mts video opens up has the same problem. I have made a video with the same format (.mov) some days ago. But it doesn’t show up when I tried a video today and converted it what I want to do. I have a problem about importing it. I really want to know what should I do.

I am trying to use a video converter to convert a few of vob video files into mp4 format with its help. I love Freemake because it can allow me to reduce the size and add subtitles by using it. But there is something wrong at some point that vob video would just freeze and stay like that throughout the rest of it when I want to convert this video file into mp4 format. Even worse, the audio would pause although the number thing says that how much has been played and stuff just keeps going. I would like to watch it on my iphone or my ps3 rather not only on my freemake converter.

Well, I have downloaded some format videos from the internet. And now, I want to look for a good converter that is specially for the xbox 360 and can convert vob videos to mov for a mac. All of them worked well except the last one in the middle with an error. What should I do? Should I download the newest optional media package again? I bought a Pioneer Car DVD Player with a DivX logo. I really want to know what format should I convert this DVD VOB and save them to my USB stick if I want to insert it into the car player panel. Does it play those videos and display them onto the screen well? I would like to put an MOV video on a dvd VOB. But it is really laggy when I tried to convert it . I think the problem is that the movie is 780p. How should I do for lowing the quality of the movie.

There always has a horrible cracking sound whenever I watch a video on youtube. First, I thought there must be something wrong with my earphones. However, there also has the sound through the speakers though I took out the earphones. I think that there maybe something wrong with the connection. And I have to call my ISP. I have DSL through Verizon. But my modem is hooked up to a Cisco router to provid service for other devices. Finally, I found the problem is that there is something wrong with the connection. Web pages load very fast at the beginning but lately have been a trouble to watch. They need more time to load for having to sit and buffer for a moment. The key problem is on my desktop which is a brand new computer. Does anyone give some suggestions to deal with it?

I own an acer aspire s3-391-6899, 2nd gen intel core i3 processor 1.5ghz. It is rather much unwatchable owing to its buffers and lags whenever I want to run youtube videos in 1080p. So, I would like to know which is the best processor that can allow me to watch 1080p youtube videos onto DVD freely.

More video clips convert be convert from avi to mac mov , and easily transfer videos off DVD in vob to avi format on osx, all this can be done by handbrake or some other similar mov to wmv file converter.

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