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FROM: Kattye
SUBJECT: How do you recover iPhone backup password
KEYWORDS: recover iPhone backup password
What do I do if I lost the password to my encrypted backup for my iPhone? How can I recover iPhone backup password that I lost from an encrypted backup on my iPhone?

You cannot - there is no way to recover the password other than for you to remember it.  If you cannot remember it, then that backup is effectively lost to you.

One said: you could just go to the apple store personally and ask them. OR make another account.

Another said: Make another account. If you want to notify Apple than just go to apple and there will probably be a number you can call.

I still got some suggestions: put your phone into recovery mode, Here's ways to retrieve iPhone backup password Windows:

Reboot your iPhone by holding down the power and home buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. When you see the Apple logo, let go of the power button but continue holding down the home button. Soon you will see an image displaying a USB cable, the iTunes icon, and a message that says "Connect to iTunes".

Then Assuming you still have your iPhone connected to your computer with iTunes open, you'll also see a message telling you iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode and needs to restore. Now you can click the Restore button in iTunes and then wait for iOS to download and install on your iPhone.

Finally, Sync your iPhone with iTunes for how to restore iPhone data and you'll have it back to normal with no password!

That should work! Follow directions carefully! Another friend said: 

This happened to me too! I did lost my backup password. Eventually I was locked out for 2 hours. I had to take it to AT&T. The wiped my phone. I pray that u have every thing synced to iCloud or you'll loose everything that's not paid for! I lost all my pictures. There is nothing apple can do. Take it to your carrier and they will wipe it. You will have to set it up as a new phone but u can still put in your apple ID. STOP TRYING TO GUESS THE iPhone backup files!!! The longer you are locked out the longer it takes to fix. I hope u don't loose anything!

Well, thanks to them, I finally tried tool - iPhone Backup Password Unlocker to help me reset iPhone 4 backup password.

The tool has helped number of individuals since its coming. It will help you Apple users unlock iPhone backup password efficiently as well as the most significantly, to help us get valuable data backup. 

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