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FROM: Kattye
SUBJECT: How can I unlock backup password for iPad
KEYWORDS: backup password for iPad
I can't remember password for iPhone backup to the encrypted file how can I retrieve it or change it. But someone stated that in the event you forgot the password then there's no other way. Also, the other one figure out by investing in your iPhone connected and selected, Summary pane, uncheck Encrypt local backup. In iTunes > Preferences... > Devices, delete your backup. Right simply click your iPhone under DEVICES and choose Backup.

The third one said that the problem with this solution is that you can't uncheck "Encrypt Local Backup" without giving the (forgotten) current password. Even if you reset iPhone backup password iTunes, you still can't uncheck it without knowing the current password. It doesn't make sense, but that's how it seems to work. If anyone knows how to stop encrypting the backup after you've forgotten where is iPhone backup location, please post!

To be clear (at least in my case), I don't need the currently encrypted backup. I just want to replace it with a new backup with a new password.

It's not stored anywhere, so unless you can remember it or find where you write it down, then you won't be able to disable backup password.

Does anybody know how to get iTunes password use it for backup? Is there some way to fool iTunes into using my saved folder from the disk recovery software and return my iPhone back to a time before the OS upgrade (? - apples been taking lessons from it appears).

(And, last question, when is a backup not a backup? When its an apple!)

Now, take it easy, things will be easy if we refer to pro iPhone backup password cracker tool. If we did backup before lost data, the application will help us find lost pictures, contact address, videos, and etc important files for us. Have a look at the following steps to get password backup iPhone lost.

Step one: Get tool "Tenorshare iPhone Backup Password Unlocker" from site , set it up and run it. The software will guide you import your saved file to backup password for iPad.

Step two: Choose your right Attack Type and do the appropriate settings

Totally, there are 3 modes to select: Brute-force Attack (try all possible character combinations), Brute-force with Mask Attack (If you know some symbols of the password) and Dictionary Attack (your own dictionary or use import default dictionary).

Step three: Remove protected iPhone backup password

After choose your suitable attack mode, you then cost the least time to find password and get lost data on your phone!

Thank iPhone Backup Password Recovery tool! It reduced the challenge to reset iPhone backup password iTunes and discover password unlock iPhone backup file so conveniently. I share it along, hope furthermore , it help almost everyone!

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