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FROM: GeorgeClooney
SUBJECT: FLV Recovery - How to Recover FLV Video Files I lost?
KEYWORDS: FLV file Recovery
Hi everyone, I have deleted some flv files on my Mac computer. I didn't meat to deleted them permanently! Is there any way I can recover deleted flv files back to my PC?

Nowaday, video is one of the most important media tool for entertainment and to share information. Among all the video files used, the most prevalent is Flash Video files. FLV (Flash Video files) are being used largely over the Internet to watch videos online. When these video files get corrupted due to system failure, fault in storage media, virus infection, or user’s mistake leads to deletion of the files. So, to get back the flash videos, you need to use FLV Recovery Software which is the most appropriate option. The reason for the loss can be accidental deletion, wrong drive formating, and system problems etc. But when the videos are deleted no need to worry at all. It can be recovered under the help with FLV Recovery Software. Tenorshare Data Recovery is one of the famous. It is included with remarkable features that allow you to regain complete videos. It supports many video file formats such as MOV, MPEG, MP3, WAV along with FLV video files. You can get it from

More powerful features of this FLV recovery software:
* Supports deleted files recovery from mobile phone, digital cameras, USB flash drive, external hard drive and also computer itself
* Makes use of special algorithms to search for the flv files that you deleted or lost and consequently recovers them.
* Ensures complete and safe flv file recovery
* Friendly Interface helps in better and quick usage

The above features states that the FLV Recovery Software is competent enough to recover the flash videos effectively and instantly by clicking on only few options and your videos get recovered and restored on to your system.

How to perform Flv file recovery on computer?
1. Download and install the FLV Recovery Software
2. Open the application to recover FLV files
3. Click on the "Scan" tab to search for the FLV video files
4. After the scanning process is completed, all your lost or deleted FLV videos will be in front of your eyes. Select the ones you want to get back.
5. Then click on "Recover" which begins the data recovery process.
6. Finally, click "Save" to get them back to your PC. And then you can check whether your videos are in good condition.

Now, you have learned how to recover FLV files after you lost or deleted them. Hope this helps a bit!

FLV Recovery - How to Recover Deleted FLV Files on My Computer?

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