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FROM: Kattye
SUBJECT: how to unlock password to restore iPhone backup Windows
KEYWORDS: password to restore iPhone backup Windows
I need to get password to restore iPhone backup Windows all my numbers, photos, and notes from the backup file! Help me please... what to do now??

What happens if I leave the encrypted backup in iTunes and sync the phone as a new device, restoring my apps, but can not restore my data? Could I then restore from the encrypted iPhone backup files?

One advisor said: I understand your frustration but as with the point of having an encrypted backup is so nobody else can get to your data.  While you may not remember setting a password for the backup at some point you did and maybe you just didn't realize what it was asking when it prompted. I assume you have tried your various passwords you use for such things?

As for losing contacts, well since you opted not to sync with something it was a risk you were running by choice. Yes you don't have to sync with your computer but there are many options to reset iPhone 4 backup password such as syncing with Google Contacts instead which happen over the air instead of having to plug in. 

Depending on what data you are talking about most of it should still be on your computer. Since each app is different it is hard for us as users like you to give more insight, but if you are talking about some app like for documents that you sync over then they should be on your computer in first place.  Apps, music, video all should be on your computer as well. I can guess some apps may be unique to you and have data only in them.

I would just say keep trying various passwords you may of set. And if you are married or have kids that use your computer to ask them to try some of their passwords.

Reality of the situation is that, without that password, you are not getting your data back.  Apple's security with encryption and such is actually quite good (keychain, encrypted disk images, and so on - all use strong AES standards), and the whole point of it is that, without the specific password, nobody should be able to get the data. Security that can be bypassed or easily change iPhone backup password, or with the infamous Hollywood’s "backdoor" approach is not, in fact, security.

Sorry that it is so frustrating, but that encrypted data is gone unless you can come up with the password you set.

I do see only the one encrypted iPhone backup, but I also have the option of restoring the new phone from three different iPad backups. I only have one iPad Two of the iPd backups have different date-time groups (DTG), and one has no DTG associated with it. Not that backing the phone up from the iPad would be of any help.  However, it seems odd that there is only the one iPhone backup and three iPad backups, given your previous post.

If I give up and sync it as a new device, I will save the encrypted data to a back up HD. Just in case I magically recover iPhone backup password I don't even remember setting.

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