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FROM: onewaysouth
SUBJECT: how to backup music from iphone to computer Mac?
KEYWORDS: backup iphone music to Mac,transfer iphone music to computer,backup music from iphone to computer
Some problem you may encounter:

iTunes can't support backup iphone music song, so you must use a third-party software to backup your iphone music to computer.After you reinstall the computer system, all the music song has lost,they need to backup music from iphone to the computer,and sync musc to iphone next time; before you upgrade your iphone to iOS5 or iOS6,you must be backed up iphone music, contacts, text messages, or some important information to a computer,prevent music deleted or lost; after you buy the a new computer, you need transfer music from iphone new computer, and then transfer them to iTunes to sync; or your purchase of a new iphone5, you need to put the old iphone in the music shifted to the new iphone5. First of all you need to backup old iphone music to your computer, then the same can be synchronized to the new iphone5; If you need to transfer the music from the old computer to the Mac, you need to use a iphone-to Mac backup software to transfer your computer, and then use the U disk to backup music to a new Mac.


All the above requirements are each the iphone enthusiasts will encounter the problem, you just need an iphone music backup software will easily backup iphone music, contacts, text messages or important content to your computer.The following edit introduce several popular iphone music backup software,you can free download and trial.

Backup all iphone files to computer Windows--backup iphone sms,contact,call list,games,video,music,video,photo and so on to computer

Cucusoft iPhone Backup Tool Kits designed to backup/ transfer and recover iphone SMS messages,contacts,call list,games,songs, videos, books, photos to computer or another new iphone.With Cucusoft iPhone Backup Tool Kits,you can transfer SMS messages and contacts from iphone/iphone3G/iphone3GS/iphone4/iphone5 to computer,and then protecting your contacts and SMS messages with a password to keep your privacy,your important personal information will be never lost. Cucusoft iPhone Backup Tool Kits supports iPad, iPod touch as well.More infor>>>

Backup all iphone files to Mac

iMacsoft iPhone to Mac Transfer:
Transfer iphone SMS and contact to Mac for backup--backup iphone sms,contact,call list,games,video,music,video,photo and so on to Mac.More infor about iMacsoft iPhone to Mac Transfer

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