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FROM: KarensiElizabeth
SUBJECT: Replacing Midi tones with DLS Soft Synth

I was able to successfully load a midi file into Acid, but I want to change the awful sounding midi instrument with a beautiful instrument found within the DLS Soft Synth library of instruments.

When I open up the "Soft Synth Properties" popup box for the midi, I cannot get the new instrument to "stick". I can get it to play the midi with the new instrument by starting the song and double-clicking on the instrument of choice in the popup while the song is playing. I can hear the new instrument with the midi just fine, but when the song is done playing and I close the popup, it doesn't stay with that instrument. What do I need to click at this point to get the instrument to apply so that it doesn't revert back to the original midi tones?


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