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FROM: yin
SUBJECT: acid pro 6 / usb keyboard midi recording problem

i downloaded the free trial of acid pro 6 and am trying to test the midi recording before i buy it.

midi keyboard input connected by usb ok. 
midi is playing vst instruments ok. 

BUT... midi recording is not right.  the midi keyboard triggers the vst sound on time but the note is added early (about an 8th note before it should be). see screenshot (the red note should be where the blue note is). the quantize midi filter does not fix this problem as the first note played in the bar effectively gets ignored or thrown away.

is this a latency problem? i've played with a few midi settings in preferences but nothing seems to fix it.

how do i fix it so i can complete the trial in time?
thanks for your help. :)

i did ask sony for help but am still waiting...

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