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FROM: Infinity Unit
SUBJECT: How I fixed my lag problem...
Hello all,

As I said I would, I post the result of my adventure to fix the offset problem I had while recording.

1st, I got rid of the raid. I bought a single SATA internal drive and I set Acid to use this drive.

2nd, I flashed the bios, I upgraded to the lastest version. However I am not sure that this actually helped, because :

3rd, right after flashing the bios, I re-installed windows. (that maybe is the main fix to my problem).

I also had a more general problem related to lagging and hanging to the computer in day to day operation. Well re-installing windows fix this. However, after running the upgrade software from adobe, the problem came back. I had to re-install windows a 2nd time (I will not use this app again). After that, computer works fine...

and 4th, I disabled every background task I could. I even pulled the Internet cable and I shut down the anti-virus software. Doing that gave a lot of speed to my machine...

Well that's about it... Oh, I forget, I updated all the drivers of my computer...

Again, a big thanks to those who helped.

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