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FROM: MauiSound
SUBJECT: Sony Acid 8 won't arm
Make sure their are no
Other applications open that could be trying to use sound.
This list includes media players and Internet browsers.
Next we need to know what sound hardware you are using to record, if it has all it's drivers, and if windows and acid both use this device as the default playback and recording device.

If all this is done, start acid. Go to options/audio/and make sure your sound hardware device is selected as the recording and playback device.

Then, when you go to arm a track look next to the record button on the track itself, to the left there will be an input icon
Click it once to open it's options and select your input source before recording..
Should look like a drop down box with options mono/stereo
And input numbers 1-24
It will at least need to be pointed to the record input you intend to use.
Let me know if you see these options.
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