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FROM: George H
SUBJECT: What and how exactly does reduce interlace flicker work?
I have been bustin' my hump over the last few days trying to get a reasonably good (to my eye at least) not so videoishy look. Been trying 50/50 upper/lower, de-interlace, tried procoders' adaptive de-interlace as well as a whole slew of combined effects in Vegas. They all seem to soften the picture detail too much. Today I find "reduce interlace flicker" - Can't be that easy. O.K. - so as a kid I spent my time trying to put the square block into the star shaped opening. How exactly does R.I.F. remove so much interlace effects while still keeping a good amount of detail. Is this adjustable in any way? I personally thank the "reduce interlace flicker" guy who coded this into Vegas - I can sleep tonight. Goodnight!
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