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FROM: xevi0us
SUBJECT: An error occurred while opening a codec
Hey, got two errors:

An error occurred while creating the media file

An error occurred while opening a codec

Ok so those are the errors. Basically what I'm trying to do is encode the audio to LameMP3 codec instead of PCM Uncompressed. I don't want to use virtualdub because I used crossfading and everything in my project, so it would never sync with the video if slapped together with vdub.

So when I chose Lame MP3 from the Audio Codecs dropdown list, Everything is peachy. When I click Ok to save, that's when it realizes something isn't right. It produces that error, first thing without writing the file. Anyone else had this problem?? Really want to reduce the size of my output file by using an mp3 codec and not PCM =(

FYI Lame ACM is waht I have installed, most recent version of it.

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