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FROM: Jonny C
SUBJECT: crossfade script for multicam...

I've searched here and the internet for a script that will do this:
apply a determined length crossfade to adjacent video events on a timeline without moving those events.

All the of the transition scripts I have tried apply the selected transition, in the desired length, but all the events move the the left on the timeline to the tune of the transition length X the number of events....I hope this is making sense. Here's what I'm working on: a 3 camera wedding shoot. I have made hard cuts from the 3 cameras and placed them on a I would like to apply crossfades between all of these clips without moving thier location relative to the timeline.

I have an idea that Excaliber may do this, and maybe Utlimate S, but I just want one free script to do what seems like a simple task. I don't really have the time to learn how to write a script for this, but I should...someday.

thanks for any guidence,
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