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FROM: Mike J
SUBJECT: SONY VEGAS - How to MERGE video clips (events)
Joing clips? Strange question...?

You capture footage to your computer, You bring those clips to vegas and the timeline or trimmer, cut them up, split them and arrange them together on the timeline into a sequence. Then when your movie/sequence is done you RENDER to a new complete video file that is your complete movie, seperate, apart and new from the original clips which remain as they were. There is no 'joining'. No need. The joining happens when you export/Render.

You can group things together on the timeline if you want to keep certain clips or strings of clips locked together. Is that what you mean?

Sounds like you're very new to editing and whilst i dont know any good books on Vegas Movie Studio (which is what you must have if you're referring to version8 rather than Vegas (professional) which is version 7 - I would certainly suggest the Manual that came with the software, the built-in on-line help and the onscreen How To guides that are all part of vegas Movie Studio. All of them are step by step, well written and very clear. And certainly cover all the basics - particularly some of concepts which seem unclear to you, hence leading to a question of how to 'join'.


Mike Jones

Writer, Media Artist, Digital Wrangler -
Head of Technological Arts - The International Film School Sydney

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