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FROM: Luke Tan
SUBJECT: Vegas 11, Why you go break something that was working perfectly?!?

I'd like to know if there has been a change in the MPEG1 codec from V9 to V11. I skipped installing V10 even though I've purchased it but I suspect the the problem to have started then.

I use Vegas to encode MPEG1 as separate audio and video elementary streams and use Manzanita software to multiplex them into an MPEG2 transport stream. Since upgrading to V11, I've noticed that some of the files that are encoded in Vegas are giving a message saying that the video files are causing a video decoder underflow error. This has never happened before on V9 and earlier. What's happened??

Also, when encoding MPEG1 system stream files, files created in V11 is much bigger than V9. When comparing the files with VLC media player, the V11 file shows a bitrate of about 2.55Mbps, while V9 file shows a bitrate of about 1.75Mbps. I've got the rendering setting as 1.5Mbps video and 128kbps audio.

I've already posted this on the Sony Creative Software supports page a week ago but still no reply yet. Could anybody on this forum provide an insight into this issue?


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