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FROM: craigdeeley
SUBJECT: quick technical question
I am still working in SA version 2. This would be a question about layer behavior in version 3.

I want to paint over a pencil drawing. I want to be able to bring a drawing in and place it on the bottom layer and create my painting on a layer above.

In SAv2 I would have to do the opposite. Many of my presets were build to work on the bottom layer and cannot be adjusted to work the same way on any higher layer.

In SA version 3 has the layer functionality changed enough that I can set the canvas layer in some way to behave like it was the bottom or base layer?

The presets I have are all over the place in terms of how they react on any layers above the base in version 2. I was wondering if there has been any changes in the way layers work and layer alpha.

I can get along with having a layer above the base that is set to low opacity. But I would rather be able to paint over my drawing and still be able to see/reference it.



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