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FROM: stachiw
SUBJECT: Telecine frosted screen

Other than trying to replace that ground glass, there isn't much else you are going to be able to do.  As you know, nobody makes them anymore and if you find one on Ebay, it will be as old as yours and will probably have the same problems. 

You will not find any kind of telecine machine today that plays both 8 and 16mm.  You will have to purchase two seperate machines. 

How exactly does this panasonic unit work?  Does it sit in front of the projector and reflect light onto the ground glass and then you focus a video camera on the other side of the ground glass?  If so, you can make a better box by using a mirror and a condensor lens (a Double Convex lens with a positive focal length).  Use the mirror at a 90 degree angle and put the condenser lens in place of the ground glass.  Then set up your video camera to zoom into the condenser lens.  It yeilds the clearest possible image next to using a scanner or Rank.

If you need the complete unit, you will have to buy them seperately.  I personally think the least expensive company is Moviestuff (  But again, you will have to buy two seperate units; one for 8mm and one for 16mm.  You will also need a good video camera if you don't have one already.


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