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FROM: RickMan
SUBJECT: How to use a Video Overlay in Vegas? Not even sure what it is.
There is a Cool3d Prod. file that I wanted to experiment with in Video Vegas that was posted in a different forum It's a "Video Overlay". I don't know what is meant by video overlay. I'm new to Cool3d but I've been using Vegas for a while, still hazy on how to do compositing however. The instructions to use the file pertain to using it in Ulead MSP. I was wondering if someone could translate this into how one would use this in Vegas 4. Below is the excerpt:

This is an overlay file for transitioning between 2 clips.

The overlay would be placed so that it overlapped with the

last 3 seconds of the first clip, then 6 seconds later the

2nd clip should be placed on the timeline.

It uses a freeware font which I included in the ZIP.

I used sample AVIs from Media Studo 3.5 to create the render example. I used Cool 3D Production Studio to export an overlay file, then placed both clips in Va (6 seconds apart), put the overlay in V1, and set it to Alpha Channel overlay. If you like it, feel free to use it, and vote for it.

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