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FROM: Roelandt
SUBJECT: No Sound when completing DVD project

I am having AUDIO problems.  I am trying to create a DVD from various AVI files using DVDMovieFactory Suite 3.5.  I make the sequence, menus, various chapter adjustments, some nice background for the menu screen.  Going to the final screen, I click off RECORD TO DISC and click CREATE TO DVD FOLDERS (so that I can preview it before saving it to disc).  When the recording is complete, I view it with PowerDVD 5.0.  While the Menu works perfectly and the image is beautiful, there is NO sound.  I have tried everything I can think of but nothing seems to help.  

The PROPERTIES of the subject AVI files are:

-Format: Microsoft AVI files

-Size: 358,354 KBytes

-Frame Rate: 25,000 frames/sec

-Duration: 2482 seconds

-Data Rate: 142.78 kbps


-Attributes: 24 bits, 640x352

-Total Frames: 62,064


-Attributes: 48,000 KHZ 16 Bits, Stereo

-Total Samples: 119,162,880 Samples

My Project Settings are:

-MPEG files

-24Bits, 704,480,29.97 fps

-(DVD-NTSC), 16.9

-Video data rate: Variable (Max 3000 kbps)

-LPCM Audio, 48000 Hz, Stereo

I have tried all three audio settings:  MPEG audio, LPCM, and Dolby Digital Audio and gotten the same silent results.

I have tried with and without DO NOT CONVERT COMPLITANT MPEG FILES

I have tried with and without TREAT MPEG AUDIO AS NON-DVD COMPLIANT

I have experiemented with every possible setting I could think of to no avail unless I missed something.

I did some searching online and found some kind of walk thru wherein I'm supposed to go to:   C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Application Data\Ulead Systems\Ulead DVD MovieFactory\3.0 and open a DVDMF program of some sort (ini I believe)and change/add some text and save.  However, this file does not exist (there are two similar ones but not what is mentioned), so no help there.

I have downloaded the latest patches (for MovieFactory 3 (I could find none for 3.5).  The previous one patched okay...but the latest one (DVD MovieFactory 3.0 DL Support Pack (Release Date: 2004/11/03)) failed to install since it "could not locate DVD MovieFactory 3."  So I'm assuming this isn't a patch for 3.5.

I have downloaded and installed AC3 filters I found by doing a search for AC3.  No help there.

I can't think of anything else to try, though some investigation seemed to indicate that an AC3 download (at an almost $50 cost) may be needed.  Not liking such marketing schemes I resist that option until I have exhausted all others.

NOTE:  NORMALIZE AUDIO when checked causes an error message:  "CONVERT STEP GOT SOME PROBLEMS! (4524)"  [Grammatical errors included].  Followed by "UNSPECIFIED ERROR, REPORT ID: 0x800411 ac(4524)"  I don't know if this relates to the problem.

The only other thing I can think of is to convert every individual AVI file to, say, MPEG 1 and start over but that would take MANY HOURS as well as a loss of quality.

Please help!

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