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FROM: lian
SUBJECT: 2 Ways to Convert PDF to PowerPoint
KEYWORDS: Convert pdf to powerpoint, convert pdf to ppt

2 Ways to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

In this article, you would learn 2 simple ways to convert PDF to PowerPoint, it is for rookie level users which means even a little boy could do it on his own following the tutorial. Check it over!

Nowadays in our daily works, we sometimes have to make slides presentations with PowerPoint. For instance, a student shows his thesis to his teachers, a teacher presents his lesson contents or a manager does a work-plan report. However, for some reasons, much of useful information somehow is locked in PDF files, datas, materials, financial figures and so on. How to deal with them? In my opinion, in order to gather the necessary content make a PowerPoint presentation, the best way is to convert PDF to PPT. Here are two methods to convert PDF to PowerPoint.

1. Copy and Paste using PDF Reader

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open PDF file in pre-installed Adobe Reader, click the Camera icon and select contents area, then press Ctrl+C to copy them.

Step 2: Open PowerPoint 2007 and press Ctrl+V to paste the contents in it.

It could be frustrating to copy and paste snapshots if the PDF file has too many pages. So, are there any easier ways to convert PDF to PowerPoint?

2. Convert PDF to PowerPoint using Wondershare PDF to PowerPoint Converter

Step 1: Download the program Wondershare PDF to PowerPoint Converter and install it.

Step 2. Import PDF files

Double click the shortcut to launch the program. Click Add Files button and choose PDF files, which need to convert, including the encrypted ones; or directly drag them into the panel.

Step 3. Customize and Convert

You can customize the output folder or save the exported files in the same folder as resource. Besides, you can choose page numbers in Selected Pages field, such as 1, 3, 5 or 7-10. Then click Convert button and all the imported files would be converted in seconds.

It supports batch/partial conversion and encrypted PDF conversion. The original text, layouts, images and hyperlinks can be edited easily in PowerPoint.


Obviously a method could not meet all needs from all kinds of people, so you’d better choose an appropriate way on your own. For people who seldom use slides for presentations, the former way above would be easier for you. And for teachers, students and others who usually need PowerPoint Presentations, Wondershare PDF to PowerPoint Converter would be your best choice, I think.


My friends, Your any comments are warmly welcome:)



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